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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” COCO CHANEL
Our passion for creating and decorating, led us to study architecture and interior design, respectively. Since we deal professionally in that has to do with the decoration, interior and exterior spaces, shops, shop windows etc. It all started with an idea that became a target ... On the occasion of our professional engagement in the decoration, experience and passion for creation we decided to create the SO. The decoration is our sore point. For this reason, our works stand out for their aesthetics. Our education is an area alive, necessarily informed about the evolution of everyday life. We strive to create new ideas, so that our customers prototyping. We pass beautiful, we give our soul, we create with simplicity, spontaneity and lots of love. Our experience in this field, obliges us to make your own special time and special.
We are...
Katerina Paterou - Kontaxaki - Architect & Event planner
I am one of the blissful people that deals with exactly what she likes doing. I studied Architecture in England for five years. Since 2004, I have been professionally occupied with both residential and store’s design, show cases decoration and so on. My great love for decorating and creating prompted me to open the ‘SO’ – Social Occasion. It is a great challenge for me to design every single occasion, combining each season’s trend with the personal taste of each client.
Irene Paterou - Interior designer, Event & Flower designer
We all have a model in our family. My sister was mine, her career and talent. Motivated by the idea of cooperation and the achievement of a common goal, I started pursuing my own dream, always developing my capabilities in the field of decoration.
I studied Interior Architecture and Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens for four years. So, I loved a lot more that sector and I wanted to delve into it. I read about it, travelled, designed and finally succeeded in what I really wanted.
Coming back Home, the ‘SO’ - Social Occasion was waiting for me. The “room” was really stunning. The atmosphere was and still is ideal, promising a lot…. Along the way, wanting to get it one step further, I have attended flower arrangement seminars by Mr. Stavropoulos. I wanted to add “the color” in the space and I did it well.
Well, the complete package concerns the space’s decoration with the touches of the flower.
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